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Twin Cities

Twin Cities

Promoting kinship across the globe

Dundee has four twin cites, and a fifth partner city, and we celebrate each of them here. This panel celebrates highlights and places of interest from Dundee’s twin cities, along with other towns and cities called Dundee across the world – including the most southern Dundee in New South Wales, Australia.

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1. Twin Cities and a World of Dundees

Dundee has four twin cities. Orleans in France twinned with Dundee in 1946, followed by Nablus in Palestine in 1980. In 1993, two more cities came on board: Alexandria in the US, and Würzburg in Germany. Dundee is also partnered with Zadar, Croatia’s fifth largest city.


2. Glass from Zadar

Zadar’s Museum of Ancient Glass is a unique collection of over 5,000 ancient glass objects, and 1,500 complete glass works.


3. St Kilian Cathedral, Würzburg

At 105m high, St Kilian Cathedral is Germany’s third largest cathedral. It can be found in the centre of this twin city, facing the old bridge of the Main River.


4. Old Crane, Würzburg

The Old Crane in Würzburg stands as a monument to shipping in the city. It is located in the docks, next to the Custom House, and was used until 1846 to unload cargo from ships.


5. Fire engine

In 2011, a fire engine from Dundee was driven to Nablus by Dundee firemen, who fundraised to present it as a gift to the city.


6. Olive trees

Olive trees that grow in Palestine can be up to 5,000 years old.


7. George Washington Masonic National Monument, Alexandria

This monument was built as a memorial to the USA’s ‘founding father’.


8. Trolley bus

Alexandria has a free Trolley Bus service, used by visitors and residents alike.


9. Cathedral of Sainte-Croixe

This Gothic cathedral dominates the centre of Orleans, and was built in various stages between 1601 and 1829. It was completed exactly 400 years after Joan of Arc ended the siege of Orleans by the English.

10. Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc is believed to be a peasant girl who saved the kingdom of France from domination by the English. As a result, she became a national hero and a patron saint of the Catholic Church. Her statue is located in the main square at Orleans.


11. Vanilla pods

Vanilla beans is a common harvest in Jamaica – another island with a place called Dundee.


12. Cotton farming

Historically, cotton was a major product grown in Nablus for export.


13. Crocodiles

In Jamaica, crocodiles are an endangered species. At the Animal Farm & Nature Reserve, near Montego Bay, a resident crocodile has been named ‘Dundee’.


14. Dundee Island

Located in Antarctica, Dundee Island was named in 1893 by Captain Thomas Robertson during the Dundee Antarctic Whaling Expedition. Today, this ice-covered island is home to a large population of seabirds.


15. UFOs

Dundee in Wisconsin, USA, is a popular place to spot UFOs.


16. Goat weathervane

Located in Dundee, Kentucky, this is believed to have originally been created in Dundee, Scotland.


17. Grapes


18. Tayberries


19. Olives


20. Oranges

This panel was stitched by

Catherine Boland

Irene Stephen

Jessie Tarbet

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