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Cinemas and Dancehalls

Cinemas and dance halls

Places to dance and dream

Favourite entertainment venues are honoured on this panel. The city’s first-ever ’moving picture show’ was unveiled by cinema pioneer Peter Feathers in Castle Street in 1896 and, at one point, Dundee had 75 cinemas. The city was big on bars and nightclubs, too. Bob and Betty Barty ran the Star Ballroom in Lochee for many years, and taught disco and ballroom to generations of dance-loving Dundonians. Meanwhile, Northern Soul fans would take to the floor at Marryat Hall and The Nine Maidens, or catch the bus from Lindsay Street to the legendary Wigan Casino. Here, we celebrate current and long-gone venues that are still loved and remembered by the people of Dundee.

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This panel was stitched by

Meg Bartram

Susan Falconer
Louise Laing
Valeen Lyons

Ann Ross

Susan Scott
Sheena Sigsworth

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