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Dundee Culture

Dundee Culture

Dundee’s love for humour, music and dancing

In Dundee, a collective sense of humour means daily life is never dull. This panel spotlights evolving aspects of Dundee’s culture, alongside a selection of words and phrases in Dundee dialect, inspired by the works of local author and journalist Norman Watson. To help you enjoy this panel in full, we’ve ‘translated’ the words and phrases stitched on it.

dundee culture cartoon

Baffies – Slippers

Bidie in – Live-in partner

Brah day, is it? – It’s a lovely day

Breeks – Trousers

Bunker – Coal store (indoors or outdoors)

Circul – Traffic roundabout

Cloot – Cloth

Closie – Shared access in a tenement block (including the stairs)

Cundie – Drain

Denner – Dinner

Eh’m a Dee till eh deh – I’m a Dundee football fan until I die

Eh’m fair puggled – I’m exhausted

Eh’ve got the boak – I’m feeling sick

Ehe’i’a halfloaf plen – I’ll have a plain half loaf

Fleg – A fright

Gaun yersel! – Go for it!

Geez a keek – Let me have a look

Geez a plehn ane, an’ an ingin’ ane an’ a? – Can I have a plain pie (or bridie) and an onion one as well

Geez a skiffy – Give me a clue

Glaikit – Foolish, silly or thoughtless

Haivir – To talk rubbish

Heez affy oary – He’s very common or rough

He’s a ke-ul biler – He’s a kettle boiler (a stay-at-home husband)

It’s barkit – It’s filthy

Jings, crivens, help ma Boab! – Oh my goodness!

Lobbie (or Lobby) – The hallway or passageway inside a flat or house

Midden – A pile of rubbish

Oxter – Under-arm

Pleh’y – A ‘plettie’ is a long external landing (attached to the stairs) that ran behind tenement buildings, connecting up to four or five flats on each floor.

Saffy cahld – It’s awful cold

Stervin – Starving

Sweemin – Swimming

The Tully – ‘Evening Telegraph’ (a local Dundee paper)

Twa jeelie pieces, pleeze – Two jam sandwiches, please

Twuz name – What’s its name?

Weemin – Women

Whit a fairdee gowk – What a scaredy cat

Yir on – Agreed

’Znarab – He’s an Arab (how Dundee FC fans describe a Dundee United fan)

This panel was stitched by

Maggie Ballantyne

Frances Lavery

Jeanette Smeaton

Christine Willatts

Mary Wilson

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