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Stitching Information 

We would like key stitchers to be responsible for an individual panel and the main point of contact for a group. They would also be responsible for keeping in touch with other stitchers in the group and joining the touchpoint sessions in Menzieshill Community Centre. We also suggest the group ‘key person’ is responsible for keeping a record of who is in their group.


What you will receive to start your panel

Each package will contain a one metre panel with the traced image, a reference image to work from, wools appropriate for the design and a small piece of linen to practice on.

It is important to record your yarn colours by taking a small piece and attaching to the number chart provided as this will be essential for requesting more yarn.

Working on the Panel

Please use a frame/hoop to keep the section of the cloth you are working on taut at all times and adjust the hoop by moving around the panel as you work. It is also important that you only use the wools supplied by us as they are designed not to fade. No other yarns or embellishments such as beads or sequins should be used, also no applique or fabric paint should be applied to the panels.


Outlines are important in highlighting the forms within the panel and darker shades may be more appropriate for this.

Communities panel.jpg

To order more yarn contact Lyndsey at

Yarns can be collected from DJCAD reception on the Perth Rd. If you are not able to do this, then contact us at the above email and we will work out another delivery method to suit you. Please give at least one week’s notice to replenish yarns.


  • You can double the wool to vary the thickness

  • Try and avoid starting with a knot, but if you do, start the thread further away on the surface then bring the needle through at the area you will be working on. Snip the knot away later

  • Start in the middle if you can and work outwards

  • Try not to make stitches longer than 1-1.5 cm unless they are being couched

  • When finishing sew three seeding stitches in the area then bring the thread to the front and trim away so there are no threads hanging at the back

image003 (1).jpg


In each panel there are some key colours and stitches that should be used. These are:

  • The Outer Circle – 935 dark mauve in heavy chain stitch

  • Inner Circle – 968 dark blue in split stitch

  • Tay River has various colours, but we are asking that two remain constant – 463 cornflower blue and 568 dark blue

  • Outer Diamonds – 844 Yellow seed stitch and a satin stitch circle in the centre (if it’s in the design)

  • Inner Diamonds – 948 Rose Pink in seed stitch

Please keep in touch with us and enjoy the stitch adventure! We look forward to seeing how your panel is progressing.

The Design Team (Frances, Andrew and Lyndsey).

Note: Panels should be completed by 31st October 2023 at the very latest.

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