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Telling our story in 35 panels.

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

The Dundee Tapestry is a community-based project, bringing together stitchers who have a connection to the city and encouraging them to help create a piece of local history. We'll be creating 35 one-square-metre panels that will give a visual history of Dundee, stopping to reflect on this great little city and the impact we've had all across the globe. It's an ambitious project, but one that the inhabitants of this city will come to create, love and learn from.

The Tapestry aims to convey what makes Dundee so unique and distinct from other cities, and looks to uncover hidden connections we have across the globe whilst establishing those connections within the community itself. The project is ran by the Weavers Incorporation of Dundee, in partnership with Duncan of Jordanstones College of Art and Design who have gained support from multi-discipline volunteers. By providing stitching packs which have all the tools you need to test out the material, and have an online community forum to connect with the other stitchers, we're making it as accessible as possible for people from all communities to join in.

The final piece will be exhibited in 2023, and the production of the project is ongoing despite the hurdles posed by Covid-19. Not only has the pandemic posed practical issues, its also posed deep-rooted issues for the community as a whole.

One year on from the beginning of the Covid crisis, social isolation within our community is felt more acutely than ever. The creation of Dundee's tapestry provides a unique opportunity to reconnect communities and try to reduce feelings of loneliness through practical and creative means. We want those connections to be made at home and abroad.

Connectedness is central to the values of the team and the project itself. We are currently in Phase 1 of the design & development stage and the ambitious project will contain hundreds of thousands of stitches, so the more input we can get from Dundonians and the city's inhabitants - the better! This tapestry is the first of its kind for Dundee, so if you're interested in getting involved then get in touch through the Contact page or on social media.

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