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Drop in sessions at Menzieshill Community Centre 2pm to 5pm

Monday 3rd April 2023
Monday 1st May 2023
Monday 5th June 2023

These sessions are for stitchers and stitching groups  who are currently working on a panel. 

Drop in sessions at DJCAD 4.30pm to 6pm

Wednesday 22nd March 2023 Wednesday 26th April 2023 Wednesday 17th May 2023 Wednesday 21st June 2023

By prior arrangement, new panels and stitch packs will be handed out at these sessions.


There are some great websites that you can use to look up to get information about types of stitches and how to use them:


Royal School of Needlework stitchbank


Mary Corbet


Frequently asked questions

Can I still get involved if I do not live in Dundee?

 Yes. We aim to match groups of people together on a geographical basis. We do have stitchers out with Dundee already.


Can I join existing groups of stitchers.

Yes, this should be possible. Please let Lyndsey know where you live and she will suggest a group to join.


Do you provide needles, rings and hoops?

There are no needles and there's no hoop in the stitcher pack.

Re hoops - just use your own judgment re this. 

Use whatever hoops you find easiest to work with depending on the section you're working on.

Using a hoop helps to avoid creating

different tensions.


Are there plans for other times and venues for those that cannot attend on a Monday?

Hopefully, yes. We will let you know about other options as and when they become available.


Where is the Linen from?

Peter Greig


What is the name of the yarn supplier?

Appleton’s – it is the same as was used in The Great Tapestry of Scotland.


What is in a Stitch pack?

The pack includes the yarns, a piece of linen union to practice on, the instructions and a copy of the colour story.


I am an inexperienced stitcher, how can I become involved?

Please contact Lyndsey with all of your details and she will let you know how and where you can participate.

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