The Dundee Tapestry will convey the City of Discovery’s history through stitch. It is a collaborative and inclusive Arts project facilitated by The Weavers Incorporation of Dundee in collaboration with The University of Dundee, Dundee City Council and the Embroiderers Guild.

Who we are
How we aim to do it

Our aim is to work with the community as both sources of knowledge about this city, and as stitchers of the Tapestry to develop a series of 35 panels that will be unveiled in 2023.

We have also created an activity pack that will encourage people to explore the city and have their say in the final design. 

The Tapestry will bring together the community to explore the theme of connectedness through workshops and events,  managed by experienced designers and community volunteers. This includes Andrew Crummy, designer of The Great Tapestry of Scotland.

What we aim to do

The Tapestry will focus on 8 themes key to the development of Dundee:

Dundee Women

Creative Dundee

Dundee Industry

Dundee Culture

Dundee Communities

Dundee Education

International Dundee

Dundee Nature